New York Chilli has been created by our team of young, passionate chefs, who have travelled to New York City for a number of years and experienced the diversity of cuisines available.
New York Chilli has grown and developed from the great love and passion of New York City’s culturally diverse and vibrant street food culture.
The street food culture in New York City is more than just hot dogs and burgers, with over 170 languages spoken and 100 different nations represented. The street food culture echo’s the multicultural diversity.
Our company is passionate about sharing the unique experience of New York City’s street food culture with the rest of the world.

Our Mission
We believe to experience a culture you must experience its cuisine. Our mission is to provide the very best contemporary cuisine which makes up the New York City street food culture. Our aim is to enable the everyday consumer to experience the very best flavours and cuisines that New York street food has to offer. We remain passionate about providing consumers with exciting, adventurous flavours without compromising quality by ensuring our products stay additive and preservative free.

Our Values
Our core brand values that we live by are:

  • To consistently deliver refreshing, authentic, flavoursome products that represents New York City’s street food culture.
  • To create a sense of fun and adventure
  • To continually remain innovative by creating unique and authentic fresh recipes and products